Technic + protectors

Ok so I’ve been playing for more time and I found a problem: Technic locked chests are not compatible with protector mod, this way I’d have to create a key for every single chest if I want for someone else to use them, while is not convenient at all.
I decided coding a bit to make it compatible, essentially with this you’ll have normal chests(everyone can access), locked chests(only the owner), protected chests(anyone who is member of the protection block). Here it is:
I’ve been testing for a while and found no bugs. So could you use this patch?

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Is this related? I would prefer to get the mods upstream if possible.

No, this is for fixing a security problem in the formspec.

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Just submitted my PR to technic.

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Perfect! You are awesome for submitting the PR. Works better for everyone in the long run.
If I was going to do it my way the protector mod would lock technic and regular chests, and protected chests wouldn’t have to be a separate item. It might be cool to have 1 special chest that uses keys, but all chests otherwise would just be covered by the protector mod.

For future reference:
The protection mod we use
Your PR

Thank you. I’m afraid it will take over a month or more to get the PR accepted, technic repo doesn’t seem to work very fast. I understand what you mean, I suppose I could do it, but its not like they would accept, I’m not sure.

This might be of some use for this issue. It’s GreenDimond’s version of the technic chests. It gives them an option to make them sharable.

oops added wrong link first time