Open to suggestions

I am new to running a minetest server.
Suggestions are welcomed.

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Hey just started playing there with a friend. My suggestion is to not add mobs, I personally find them completely unnecessary and lag too much. Other than that it seems to be completely ok, just 1 or 2 things perhaps I’ll write on later.


Thanks for the input!
I haven’t been able to include mobs without a crash here and there, and prefer to run a stable server. I do think a basic set of mobs is fine when things become a bit more stable.

I have a couple of requests:

Baked Clay - Because it allows for more colorful homes to be built (not needed, just think it is prettier than only wood and stone homes).

More skins, especially a couple female ones. I’m a female IRL and prefer to be one in game. The create your own skin mod doesn’t seem to be working. It turned me into a green alien. Not cute. :frowning: Perhaps custom skins even. I have my own I use on other servers that I could give you if you do this option.

More Blocks - mainly for variety and options when building.

Node replacer mod also - builder request

By the way, I’m loving the server. I’ve contributed some “new” crops to the public farm. Hope you don’t mind.

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