A couple question/comments posted via signs in game

Need compreessed cobble.
Condensed would be even better.

Do you know what mod that is?

can you add travelents to the server so it will be easier to get around ~Zox
I agree - Sgik
I don’t, this is a survival server.
Makes the game harder as it should be ! downtime

I agree with @downtime on this one, never much liked travel nets. Players do have /sethome and /home


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Though, I wouldn’t mind using travel nets / warp mod to travel between worlds.

The mod containing compressed cobble is called “moreblocks”.
I have seen condensed cobble in two mods: one is called “condensed”, which may be server-specific (i.e., a mod made for the server on which I found it). The other was a modified version of the “moreblocks” mod (or possibly a fork).

As far as travelnets or travelling distances, there should be a way to travel back and forrth over distances, or else people will never venture far from their home territories. I know that one can set two homes plus spawn to TP to, but it’s not enough. My current home is several km from spawn, so i need a home point for that. I use my second home for exploring the world. (as of this writing, itis at approx -15,-15k). To do other things like mining, one needs more TP points. I currently have a cart track going down about 1km, and it takes several minutes to ride a cart there (or it seems to, anyway). If we had fall dampeners on the server, I could dig straight down and drop to the mine (I do this on another server and drop 1km/10sec if all mapblocks are loaded). There may be ores at great depth that will take ridiculously long to get to absent some form of fast travel. I think there is a mod out there somewhere that provides 5 or 8 waypoints that you can set, and then TP among them. That would be sufficient to me, but for people that want to have groups activities at a distance, they would want a method to transport their friends as well. My experience has been that servers without a fast or instantaneous method of long-distance transportation are less popular than those that have them.

(Sorry for spleling erorrs. The reply form is a tiny box in the lower left side of the screen, and therre is no cursor.)

I would love to have travelnets, but I can understand your reluctance.

If you would prefer an alternative to travelnets that might be a better compromise, since a lot of players would like to explore and have the option to save interesting locations, like myself, may I suggest the mod: MultiHome. It allows for multiple locations to be saved without adding any nodes and they are more private than a travelnet. The mod comes preset to allow for 5 named locations, but I’d like to ask for 10 to be set, if you decide to install this mod vs leaving us limited or adding the travelnet.

As far as the compressed cobblestone, I would love to see that as well. In addition, I would also like to see compressed dirt and gravel if you would consider those as well.

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